"We are very pleased with the tags we purchase from ElastiTag®. They are an integral part of our promotional strategy for getting new products to market."

- Charisse Solomon (Director of Marketing & Product Development) | DeMert Brands


 "With ElastiTag®, Defiant Single Malt Whisky is able to tell its story of quality ingredients and craftsmanship right on the bottle. In doing this ElastiTag® has helped Defiant Whisky stand out among the crowded retail space and gain a competitve advantage."

- Tim Ferris (Founder) | Defiant Whisky


 "Our rebate promotion is working well for us, and ElastiTag® has really helped get our message directly to the customer. They are easy to apply, display our promotion on the bottle prominently; yet do not cover up our brand logo and other information already on our product. The rubber tag grips our bottles so we do not have to worry about the tag shifting. Knowing that we can count on the tag's consistent placement on our product is very helpful."

- Stephan Macior (Creative Director) | BNG Enterprises, Inc.


 "ElastiTag® has offered us an easy, innovative, and attractive solution to distributing our product sample packs. The tag is very secure, easy to apply, and looks great!"

- Carly L.M. Mattiott (Operations Manager) | National Eco Wholesale