About Us

Bedford’s ElastiTag® has been stretching the limits of tag innovation since 2004. After making its first appearance in the produce aisle bundling fresh vegetables—word quickly spread to other industries about the versatility of our patented tags. The ElastiTag® now adds personality and draws attention to all kinds of products in nearly every market imaginable!

Clever product extensions have grown from the original ElastiTag®. This brand family offers creative on-pack marketing ideas for trial samples, bundling promotions, and eye-catching mini billboards of different shapes and sizes. Every ElastiTag® project that leaves our door is unique.

Tag, You're It!

Not sure if you need a tag or a marquee? The best placement of a tag on your product? Why we choose to live in Minnesota in the winter? We’ve got the answer - drop us a line! Rather talk to someone? Call 1-877-233-3673.