ElastiTag Tab Illustration

This no-frills character is like a mini backpack on your product.

The main goal of the tab is to carry something small for the shopper to try. With a colorful, stretchy elastomer loop combined with a pressure sensitive adhesive tab—this guy is ready to go to work!

Lotta Body Hair Product Die 2144 Seventh Generation Laundry Soap Die 2164 Espree Dog Shampoo Die 2144
Therabreath Die 2145 LemiShine Die 2145

It's no joke, these are spec-tab-ular!
Don't believe me? Take a look.

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Tab Packaging

Our packaging options vary based on the details of each order. We'll do whatever we can to meet the needs of your project, making sure it's easy from start to finish. View Brochure

spooled packaging


The ElastiTab® is manufactured on a spool with a release liner. Standard spools are packaged 1500 tabs/spool - 2 spools/case. Spool sizes may vary depending on application.

Machine Partners

Applying an ElastiTab® to sachet-type sample packets is a unique feature of WS Packaging’s ElastiTab® Applicator.

Focusing on European countries, Herma offers a machine that applies an ElastiTab® to lightweight sample packets.